An Invitation to Sin - Suzanne Enoch What makes [b:An Invitation to Sin|833926|An Invitation to Sin (Griffin Family, #2)|Suzanne Enoch||2484648] different from hundreds of other historicals:

1. The heroine is a painter.
2. She has no interest in getting married.
3. The hero falls in love first.
4. The heroine is logical, mature, and self-composed.
5. The hero isn't approaching or in his thirties; at the mere age of 24, he might be one of the youngest HR heroes I've come across so far.
6. The hero isn't a hardened cynic or rake. Yay.
7. The story takes place in the countryside, rather than in the ballrooms of London.
8. The ending is realistic, believable, and perfect, minus a cheesy epilogue.