A Summer in Sonoma - Robyn Carr Almost dropped it several times throughout the story.

Sometimes sweet.
Ultimately predictable though.
Most of it and
Especially the later half was extremely boring.
Ruined Walt. I'll never get over that.

I blame my age at least partially for my lack of enjoyment of the story.
Not sure if I'll pick up anything else by the author.

Slow and cheesy ending.
Overall, a disappointing read.
Not 2 stars, nor 3, but honestly just 2.5 stars.
Occasionally very interesting.
Marty and Joe's story was my second favorite.
Adored the first half, and Julie and Billy's romance.

Also, I loathed Cassie. And had a lot of trouble feeling the relationship between the four supposed best friends. Maybe it's just the author's style that doesn't work for me, but something about their so-called lifelong friendship never rang true for me.

*Buddy read with my best frenemy, Jenny. Check out her review here.*