Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout Dropped at: 32%


1. I hate Katy. And Daemon.
2. There might be some originality in that this concerns aliens and not vamps or werewolves or angels, but the rest of the story is so cliched that that little point doesn't matter at all.
3. I roll my eyes 4 out of 5 times at everything Daemon says to Katy, and everything Katy thinks in her head. For the sake of my eyes and mental sanity, let's go our separate ways, series.
4. Because if I have to force myself to read on, it ain't worth reading to begin with.
5. I'm probably too old for this.
6. Stupid, unnecessary love triangle is STUPID. And unnecessary.

Trust me, that's just the beginning of what will be an endless rant if I continue. Suffice it to say I gave it an honest shot, hated it, and am moving on.