Gunmetal Magic -  Ilona Andrews 2.8/5 stars

I've never liked Andrea and Raphael, not like I do Kate and Curran or Jim and Dali. I was hoping their book would change that, but I think I like them even less now.

I had a lot of trouble connecting to the characters and story. Andrea was cold and hard to relate to. Raphael was okay, didn't really have the most noteworthy of personalities. Basically, I like Raphael and Andrea as a couple, but not so much as individuals.

The action part bored me to tears and I really didn't care for it. The writing also felt a lot less polished than the Andrews' other books. Like this, for example:
"...that totally could be taken the wrong way."

Isn't that supposed to be "that could totally be taken the wrong way"?

There were numerous times throughout the story when I couldn't make head or tails of the dialogue or descriptions at all. Not sure if they were intentional and maybe I was just missing the point, but they seriously interrupted the flow of the story for me.

Everything else notwithstanding, Andrea and Raphael's romantic moments were adorable and reminded me fondly of Kate and Curran's "courtship". As a standalone, this isn't really bad, but it's not as good as I was hoping either.

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