Suddenly Royal - Nichole Chase Dropped at: 56%


1. I couldn't care less where the story is headed.
2. I couldn't identify with, or even like, Sam.
3. I feel like I'm reading a slightly older version of Princess Diaries, with a few alterations here and there. Too few to make it stand out, however.
4. This reads completely like a YA, when I was expecting something far more mature and steamy and sexy. Or really, anything but this washed-out, plain story.
5. I only mildly liked Alex. Combined with reasons #1-4, this made for a HUGE disappointment.

I'm so sorry, Cory. I know how much you wanted us to like this. I tried, I honestly did, but no more. Sorry.


Summer 2013 Readalong!

After being convinced by Cory's review, Sarah and I are planning to buddy read this on June 14. If any of you want to join in, you're more than welcome to (leave a comment to let us know you're taking part). Current participants (click on the names to see their respective reviews):

1. Moi
2. Sarah
3. Aly
4. Cory
5. Stacia
6. PJ
7. Anzu
8. Angela
9. Laura
10. Miranda
11. Alexis
12. Jenny
13. Maru
14. Aure
15. Jgilles
16. Lyndi

Whoever's participating in the fun is ordered requested to edit their review so we can spread the word and make this a readalong of momentous proportions!