Alpha - Rachel Vincent First off: I loved this book. I loved every single bit of it. Alpha met all of my expectations, and more. The ending chapter left something to be desired, but when I look at it from Vincent's POV, I really don't think anyone could have done any better with the ending. Anything more or less would have taken away from the book.

I felt so proud of Marc and Faythe in this book. Faythe's become so much more mature and sensible, while still staying the stubborn, headstrong woman we've all come to love. Marc's temper was a bit out of line sometimes in the previous books, but he showed amazing restraint throughout Alpha and I love how hard he's always trying to stay in control - all for Faythe. Jace has grown a lot too, esp. after Ethan's death. I'm definitely Team Marc but that's no easy decision, with the sexy yet sweet way Jace was acting in the last couple books.

Many important events occurred and many people died, including one of my most favorite characters, but I definitely saw the necessity for the sacrifices - the victorious ending wouldn't have been as rewarding otherwise.