The Viper - Monica McCarty Spoiler-free mini review

I'm so completely hooked on this series and McCarty's world! The Highland Guard books are a combination of every single thing I adore in historicals - beautiful settings, strong heroines and swoon-worthy heroes, heart-stopping suspense, lots of action, adventurous plots, and best of all, unforgettable romances. These books are absolutely perfect for winters and I'm enjoying every word.

Favorite passage from [b:The Viper|10480022|The Viper (Highland Guard, #4)|Monica McCarty||15385427]:
“You’re a hard man to love, Lachlan MacRuairi, but I do believe I’m up to the challenge.”
“We’ll probably argue.”
“Aye, it seems likely.”
“I have a bit of a temper when I get angry.”
“I’ve noticed,” she said wryly.
“I can be a mean bastard. I’ll probably say something to hurt you.”
She laughed. “Are you trying to scare me off?”
He gave her a rueful smile. “Maybe.
“Well, stop—it isn’t going to work. I’m quite aware of your faults.”
He frowned. “I didn’t say they were faults.”