Iced - Karen Marie Moning **My review ended up being a lot more long-winded than I'd expected, hence the main points are in bold.**

Iced was my #1 most anticipated release of 2012, and while it wasn't the biggest disappointment of the year, it comes close.

The beginning is extremely slow. I was excited about being back in KMM's Dublin, but the joy wore off after a while and I wasn't nearly as captivated by this as I was by Darkfever. Nothing seemed to be happening, the narration was dull, and I couldn't bring myself to care about Dani.

While most of the book felt like filler, the last hundred pages or so were completely engrossing and I couldn't stop reading for a second. Even then, however, I found myself skipping entire paragraphs. Dani's voice is simply not as engaging as Mac's was. Her narration is marginally better than it was in Shadowfever, but all the dudes and fecks got on my very last nerve.

Even after finishing Iced, I'm no more familiar with Dani and Ryodan than I was at the beginning of the book, though for entirely different reasons: Dani because we get next to no information about her past and hence can't truly identify with her, and Ryodan because his character is visibly inconsistent. The descriptions about him and his actual behavior are completely at odds with each other.

I like Dani's spirit, but the 14 yo part is unnecessary and should be modified soon, with a time jump or something of the sort. It just doesn't fit with the direction this series is clearly taking when it comes to the romance.

Speaking of which, I'm very disappointed with Christian's character. He's nothing like he was in Fever, and I simply can't get over it. Christian acted so creepy and Edward-like, it still grosses me out every time I think about it. He and Jo are tied for first place in being the Most Deluded Characters Ever.

Even though I foresaw the attraction between Jo and Ryodan in Shadowfever, I'm disappointed by how their relationship is actually playing out. I hate Jo and thought she had a different personality than the lovesick, foolish woman she is in Iced. I couldn't care less who Ryodan screws at this point, but I just hope their sorry excuse for a relationship doesn't play too big of a role later on.

I adore Dancer. He's the only love interest that doesn't make me wanna puke. If Dani ends up with him, KMM will regain my trust and undying fanship. Simply put,
Ryodan+Dani = Been there, done that. Also, creepy as hell.
Christian+Dani = Revolting and disturbing.
Dancer+Dani = Natural and perfect.

Overall, Iced is an okay start to the trilogy and I'll definitely be reading the rest of the series. The cliffhanger ending doesn't feel cheap, although it was fairly predictable. I haven't completely lost faith in KMM, but I'm not liking where this is headed either.

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