Chasing Magic - Stacia Kane It's no secret that the only reason I continued reading this series, instead of dropping it after Unholy Ghosts like I'd initially planned, is because of what a superb human being Stacia Kane is.

After Chasing Magic though, I am DONE. Done with Chess, her drama llama ways, and her majorly screwed-up life. I highly doubt I'll be continuing Downside Ghosts after this one because frankly, I'm beginning to hate Chess.

To sum it up, Chess's self-pity party never ends. I understand she's been through a lot, and I've honestly never judged her for being a junkie or whoring herself out for drugs, but while that was sadly understandable before, now it's gotten to the point where it's simply unbearable.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this woman except for a lack of self-control and being unable to get over the past. She doesn't have to use sex for drugs any more, she's a Church employee with a decent income, she has a man who's completely and utterly in love with her, yet she still goes through the whole "I'm worthless trash, Terrible's wasting his time and he'll wake up soon and realize it" crap over and over and effing OVER. I tried my best to bear with it in the last book because yeah, this is all new to her and she doesn't know how to deal with love and affection, but if she still hasn't grown up and moved on after five books, I can't be bothered enough to read further.

The action part, as in the previous books, bored me to death. I can appreciate dark urban fantasy just fine, so maybe Downside Ghosts is simply not for me. I've officially given up on this series for good (unless Chess and Terrible get married in the next book), and finally come to terms with the fact that being a fan of Kane does not mean I have to be a fan of her novels.

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