Firelight - Kristen Callihan Thanks so very much to my dearest friend, Anzu, for lending me her ARC. Because you're so sweet, and I'm so generous, you may have Barrons all to yourself next weekend.

Have you ever read a book and felt as if it was written solely for you, keeping everything you love and want when it comes to novels in mind? I hadn't either, not before Firelight.

Firstly, allow me to gush about the exceptionally well-written historical aspect of this book. The entire book is filled with precise details and the sort of warmth produced only by times gone by. Callihan's storytelling and narration make even the most insignificant of scenes stand out in memory, till you can practically taste the events. Outstanding skill.

Secondly, the romance is one of the sweetest, most natural I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Archer is the beast with an unidentifiable physical disease and Miranda is the beauty with an unheard of ability. Together, they make the most swoon-worthy, lovable couple ever! A lot of their dialogue is worthy of being printed and hung up in frames.

And there's sex too. Lots of it. The toe-curling, eyebrow-raising kind.
Oh, stop. You're making me blush. ///

Lastly, the plot and story are both utterly engaging and unique. Archer is an ex-member of the mysterious West Moon Club, whose members are being murdered grotesquely, one after the other. Stranger still, Archer seems to know exactly who the murderer is. He constantly wears a mask which is just the most sexiest thing and evades every personal question his lovely bride asks him.

And since our heroine is hardly the meek, yes-master type, she decides to take the highly-suspicious affair into her own hands. Where that would usually entail pointless, poorly thought-out plans when it comes to most heroines, resulting in me having a migraine, Miranda is actually a very capable and responsible woman, well-used to taking care of herself and matters pertaining to her. I almost never got irritated with her, a huge accomplishment on Callihan's behalf.

The reality of Archer's physical infliction is more shocking than anything my imagination had conjured (which is saying a lot, trust me), and the sci-fi element consequently added is also quite unexpected. A combination of all these factors results in one of the best novels and certainly the best HR I've read in ages.

4.5/5 stars

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