Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally This was such a sweet, adorable read. Another one of those "mood" stories and thankfully, it fell into my lap at just the right time.

Jordan's a complete tomboy and despite being in her senior year, she hasn't even had her first kiss yet. That all changes when there's a new transfer in town, whom she actually starts developing "girly" feelings for.

I really enjoyed Jordan's voice and her interaction with her team members. I was afraid the account of an almost 18 year old girl discovering love for the first time would come across as unconvincing or implausible, but I could completely relate to Jordan and her problems and feelings. She was surprisingly easy to love, though I'll admit that at one point, her bursting into tears after every few sentences got on my very last nerve.

And the romance would've been enjoyable yet entirely unmemorable had Kenneally not added the greatest twist ever to it. I was completely caught off guard by the genius development and change in the romance about midway through. It cleverly discarded all my theories and sealed my love for this book.

Overall, Catching Jordan was a realistic and highly entertaining account of first love and growing up. I'll definitely be reading all other titles by Kenneally, if for nothing else but to catch a glimpse of Jordan and Henry again.

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