Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer Thoughts before reading:

What I want demand to see in this book:

1. More Ren. We got a book dedicated to Shay, now I want one solely for Ren!!
2. No Shay. He's not even worthy of the screen-time he got in Wolfsbane, and it would be terribly inconsiderate of Cremer if she makes us tolerate him for one more entire book.
3. Calla growing up for once and making decisions for herself that don't immediately put everyone close to her in mortal danger.
4. Emile dying an extremely painful and drawn-out death, preferably by Ren's hand.
5. An awesome epilogue featuring Calla and Ren as a married couple with a few tiny cubs. ♥♥

Thoughts after reading:

I have yet to come across a more wimpy, spineless ending. This is one of the few times I've judged a book based not on the characters, but on the plot. And because it is virtually impossible to discuss Bloodrose without spoiling it, I'll try my best to convey my feelings through GIFs alone.

I first read the ending, and it took a while for it to sink in.

After re-reading the passage a few times, it finally hit.

And then...

Really, Cremer.

I set out to write a long review on how absolutely gutless it is to kill off a character just because your heroine can't choose her man, but I now realize that I simply can't be bothered.

So, well done, Cremer. I hope you're having fun in Shayland.

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