A Lot like Love - Julie James Nick took a deep breath and braced himself for the interrogation. “Well, Ma, see...there’s this girl.”
He checked to make sure the call hadn’t been dropped. “You still there, Ma?”
A sniffle.
“You can’t be crying already,” he said. “I haven’t told you anything about her yet.”
“It doesn’t matter, Nick,” his mother said through her tears. “Those are the three words I’ve been waiting thirty-four years to hear.”

I simply love the amazingly hot cover this book. James's writing is excellent, without all the faults that make me loathe most contemporary romances these days (i.e. flat characters, ridiculous "coincidences", empty plots, the same unforgivable mistake of considering lust as love) . The setting is one of my most favorite cities, Chicago, and the novel definitely does the city justice.

Nick was just adorable with his cranky yet sweet personality, and I loved his dialogues with his "non-existent introspective side". The whole deal with the FBI makes everything seem so cool and gripping. Jordan's an amazing woman, I truly respect and love how loyal she is to her family and friends. And thanks to her, I now look at wine in a totally different light. ;) Jordan's strong and straightforward, and the best part is that neither of these characters even remotely pretend to be more than what they are. That sort of honesty is extremely refreshing.

James's writing style is so simple and witty and one of the the best things about this book is that there's no huge fuss with Nick and Jordan as they begin to realize their feelings. Sure, they're hesitant and more than a little worried about the future, but there's no drawn out break-up or struggle against feelings or any such thing. Like I said, refreshing.

I was hoping there'd be more about Kyle in this book, but the fact that he'll have his own book soon completely makes up for his lack of appearances. I can't wait to see who he gets, maybe that undercover agent from Xander's store???

And did I mention the stunning-beautiful-amazing cover?? Anybody know where I can find the designer? 'Cause I never thought I would say this after Something About You, but this dress even beats that one.