The Great Escape - Susan Elizabeth Phillips *Buddy read with Anzu~ You can read her review here.*

3.8/5 stars

After the mega-disappointment Call Me Irresistible was, I was prepared for this one to be at least as bad, if not worse. And really, with a hero named "Panda", how great could it possibly be?

I was spot-on for about the first half or so. Panda was disgusting and I didn't recognize grown-up Lucy at all, who used to be so brave and courageous in First Lady. All the characters were acting like snobs and I was sure this would be another huge flop like Meg's book was.


I have no idea when it happened, but the story crept up on me and I gradually came to care so much for these messed-up, broken, yet real characters.

Panda was a beautiful hero (especially since his disgusting personality was just a ruse) and quickly became one of my top 3 favorites of all of SEP's male characters. I initially began to love him after the first chapter from his POV, and truly fell for him when we find out about his tragic past.

Lucy was a changed person at the beginning but by the end, she turned out to be exactly the woman I'd expected her to develop into after First Lady.

The beginning was more than a little rocky, but the ending completely makes up for it. Overall, The Great Escape is a very sweet and touching novel and my third favorite of the series, after Fancy Pants and First Lady.

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