Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh *Buddy read with Sarah. You can read her review here.*

What I expected:
1. Lust at first sight leading to lots of sexy times that magically develop into love overnight.
2. A boring plot.
3. A lickable likable yet cliched hero.
4. A nice but entirely forgettable heroine.
5. A hundred eyeroll-worthy and puke-inducing moments.

What I got:
1. A beautiful romance that slowly develops (emphasis on slowly) into true love on the basis of friendship, understanding, communication, respect, and a healthy dose of chemistry.
2. An extremely interesting plot with some of the greatest world-building I've ever come across in PNR.
3. A delicious hero I adored.
4. A lonely and heartbroken heroine I really liked.
5. Witty banter and thoroughly engaging dialogue...for the first half. The second part did have those above-mentioned moments, but they were only about two dozen in number. Yippee.

To sum it up, I loved the beginning of the story and it only got better and better. Up until the middle, when Sascha and Lucas get together for real. It simply went downhill from there and everything was surrounded by So. Much. Drama! What completely killed the 4-stars I was leaning towards was Sascha's self-sacrificing act towards the end. I can't stand those, and hers was one of the most melodramatic of the lot.

That aside, I love nearly all of the supporting members of the cast. Right now, I'm most intrigued by Hawke and Brenna. I have around ten more books to go before getting to know Hawke properly, but Brenna's story isn't too far off and I can't wait to read it. But before that, I plan on reading Tammy and Nate's novella, An Enchanted Season, because I loved these two much more than Lucas and Sascha.

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