Scandal Wears Satin - Loretta Chase So, so disappointing. One of the biggest let-downs of the year and my expectations weren't even that high.

There are three three main characters in Scandal Wears Satin: Harry, Sophy, and Clara.
1. Harry was a chauvinistic pig and an asshole, had the intelligence of a donkey and the tact and subtlety of an elephant, was more or less always hard, and did nothing but lust after Sophy.

2. Sophy had the personality of an immature child, believing herself to be so much more than she really was. While she rarely annoyed me, I did find myself pitying her a great deal.

3. Clara was a spoiled brat accustomed to always getting her way, and the first time things went awry, she ran away. This weakling of a woman was absolutely pathetic and I loathed her.

To say I didn't care for the characters would be a gross understatement.

In addition, the beginning isn't exciting at all and I found my mind wandering a lot. I would have put this book aside had it not been for how much I loved Silk Is For Seduction.

Even when the story began for real, I couldn't believe how unremarkable and boring the plot was: Harry and Sophy teaming up to find Harry's runaway sister, Clara. There were no interesting adventures, no lovely settings, nothing except Harry being hard, Sophy being dull, and Clara being an imbecile.

All the clothing details, which were vividly gorgeous in Silk Is For Seduction, are tedious in this one. Page upon page of clothes' descriptions that looked positively hideous when I envisioned them in my head are just one of the many things I hated reading about in Scandal Wears Satin.

Another pet peeve? How the term "Noirot" is used as an adjective over and over. For example:
She was shaking inside.
Outside, she was a Noirot.

The romance between Harry and Sophy didn't quite ring true. There was no connection, understanding, love, and most of all, respect between the two. Their HEA felt unnatural and didn't fit with the rest of the story.

I might continue reading this series, I might not. Right now, I'm leaning more towards not.

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