Miss Wonderful - Loretta Chase *Buddy read with Stacia. You can read her thoughts here.*

Since I loved Silk Is For Seduction so much, I wanted to try out some of Chase's other series with the hope that they'd be at least enjoyable, if not epic.

To say Miss Wonderful was a disappointment would be inaccurate, because it wasn't quite that big of a let-down. At the same time, it wasn't even half as interesting as Silk Is For Seduction. Mostly, it was just boring.

The narration was tedious and the details dreary. I found myself skimming through large chucks of the narrations and even skipping entire pages at one point.

The characters are well-developed, no doubt, but the problem is that the story isn't exciting at all. A spinster living in the countryside, managing her father's large estate, a reckless aristocrat coming and disrupting her peaceful life, it's all been said and done before, and in a much more gripping manner. I kept waiting for Chase to transform these ordinary circumstances and characters into something captivating, but it never happened.

The beginning was very promising, but it only led to an unremarkable story I had to force myself to finish. I doubt I'll be continuing with the series.

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