Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare Some of the wonderful things that makes Extreme Exposure so amazing:

1. The dedication. It's one of the sweetest I've ever read and a nice change from the usual dedications to family members or fans.
This book is dedicated to the more than 1,400 American journalists who’ve died, mostly through assassination and murder, while trying to expose the truth. Their names are inscribed on the Freedom Forum Journalists Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, a landmark to democracy’s often overlooked heroes.

2. The plot. This story is quite unique, and while that may not be the case in the suspense genre, it's the way I view this book since I haven't read all that many contemporary romances.

3. The character development is splendid. Alternating between the voices of Reece and Kara, it is amazingly obvious how these two grow and mature into their relationship and as individual characters.

4. Reece is a responsible and mature man. Being an avid reader of UF/PNR, it's rare that I come across a guy who has serious husband potential as opposed to lover potential. Reece is definitely the former with his gentle, caring, and family-guy personality.

5. Kara is a kickass heroine with just the right amount of strength and vulnerability. She manages to be both fierce and gentle at the same time and is a wonderful single mother. She's also one of the only heroines who manages to pull off the whole "I don't trust men because of all the pain they've caused me before" act without annoying me.

6. The love between Kara and Reece develops naturally. The development of their relationship from attraction to lust to love is effortless. The chemistry between the two is real and their compatibility is obvious.

7. Connor is the sweetest kid ever! I love his scenes and the mother-son relationship between him and Kara is what made me fall in love with this book initially.

8. The ending is simply perfect. It's not often that a HEA ending manages to be both realistic and wonderful at the same time, but Clare completely pulls it off.