Dream a Little Dream - Susan Elizabeth Phillips SEP has outdone herself. Dream a Little Dream is the most heart-wrenching and poignant book of hers I've read to date.

I was already intrigued by Gabriel in Cal's book yet more than a little skeptical as well, about whether or not SEP would be able to depict his grief properly while giving him a second chance at having a family. Relieved to say she wrote a realistically believable story on love, loss, and depression, one that was mostly touching and emotional, but occasionally humorous too.

Gabe's anguish and despair is clearly evident in every single thing he does, and I love how Rachel tackled all of his ghosts head-on and refused to give up on him. Gabe was a wonderful hero, but l loved and admired Rachel more. Her resilience is absolutely remarkable.

The side romance between Kristy and Ethan was also a lovely bonus. I'm glad SEP took her time with their story, so much so that I no longer feel they deserved their own separate book.

The only problem I had is with Rachel's son, Edward. I'm not entirely sure why, since I generally tend to like the kids in novels, but something about him seemed off to me. He wasn't a kid, he wasn't a teen, and he certainly wasn't an adult. He was stuck somewhere in between and I couldn't quite grasp his character.

Overall, though, Dream a Little Dream is a heartwarming and meaningful novel about the healing powers of love and family. A bit more serious than SEP's other books, but beautiful nonetheless.

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