Shadow of the Vampire - Meagan Hatfield
And then he began telling her the story of them. How this beautiful, sexy woman, this little vampire, had managed to cage him when no one else could. How the first time he'd seen her, his body had reacted with a want his mind told him repeatedly he could not recognize. But that every time she came near him it became harder and harder to resist the pull, resist the urge to kiss her lovely lips, even though it went against everything he had ever been taught, ever believed. Even more amazing, he knew that every conflicting emotion, every spark of infatuation coursing through him echoed through her.

The dragon King and Queen, have just been tortured and murdered by the vampires, and their only son, Declan, is out for revenge. On his raid against the vampires, he quickly finds himself overpowered and outnumbered, and is held captive and tortured for information on the mystical crystal with immeasurable power.

The vampire clan responsible for murdering Declan's parents is being corrupted by the current Queen's lover, Lotharus. The Queen is growing weaker and weaker, both physically and emotionally, and Lotharus is pretty much ruling the clan. Alexia, who's the heir to the throne, means to interrogate Delican but finds herself allowing him to feel her up instead. Less than 10 pages in, and she's already falling for the guy because of how hot he is and how "gently" he's handling her. Is it just me or does that positively scream "Easy, cheap ho!!"?

Nothing she'd experienced in her hundred and twenty years felt this natural, this right.

Really? You haven't even said a single word to him, and already everything he does feels "natural" and "right"?!

My initial annoyance at Alexia's behavior quickly changed into admiration, however, for the strong woman she truly is. She's lonely, abused, scared, and terrified about what's happening to her clan, and her inability to do anything about it. She's just looking for some sincere company and all of that results in her instant trust in Declan. After the initial introduction, I truly began to see how much Declan and Alexia needed each other.

This book tore at my heart. The pain that both Declan and Alexia have suffered and continue to suffer throughout the story is heart-wrenching. I truly felt these characters and wanted a HEA ending for them from the bottom of my heart. Their's is one of the best love stories I've ever read. I literally devoured this book in 4 hours.

Alexia is an honest and strong heroine and I love how she never pretends to be more than what she really is. Lotharus was creepy and terrifying, but she never let him get to her, and faced him head-on like the royal queen she's destined to be.

And I really really want a dragon now! First Dragos from Dark Hunter, and now Delican. I'm not that crazy for vamps anymore; give me a dragon any day of the week! The things they can do with those tails, mmmm...

There's something almost legend-like and fairy tale-ish about the romance between Alexia and Delcan. I can just imagine Alexia telling her future kids: Once upon a time, there was a wild Dragon King, who fell in love with the beautiful Vampire Princess...