The Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures, #4) - Jennifer Ashley Now that I've read all the Mackenzie brothers' books, I can finally compose the lists I've wanted to since the beginning.

Favorite heroine:
1. Eleanor.
2. Isabella.
3. Beth.
4. Ainsley.

Favorite hero:
1. Ian.
2. Hart.
3. Cameron.
4. Mac.

Favorite romance:
1. The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie
2. The Duke's Perfect Wife
3. The Many Sins of Lord Cameron
4. Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage

The chemistry between Eleanor and Hart can be felt even in Cam's book, and Ashley develops their relationship in an entirely believable and beautiful manner in The Duke's Perfect Wife. These two are absolutely perfect for each other, in every way that matters. I like how their past was revealed slowly and sparingly, rather than being dumped all at once. Both of them have been through a lot of pain and sadness, and I'm glad they ended up getting the HEA they deserved.
El, I’ve missed you. I’ve died a little every day without you.

Eleanor is my favorite heroine of Ashley's to date, and I immensely enjoyed reading her inner monologue. It was always amusing watching Hart and Eleanor fight, especially since Hart would usually be the one getting all angry and huffy, whereas Eleanor would be completely calm and reasonable, which only served to irritate Hart even more, which would generally end up leading to a deliciously romantic scene.

Hart is the ideal older brother, and I loved watching him with his younger brothers, especially Ian. He's a lot more vulnerable and sweet than he lets on, but I'm glad the brothers finally stopped taking him for granted.

The epilogue at the end of The Duke's Perfect Wife is the most memorable in the entire series because it shows each brother with his respective family, and it's so amazing to see how far they've all come from who they were at the beginning. My favorite passage is also from that chapter:
Next came Ian and Beth. Ian sat in the chair, his kilt draped over his knees. Beth stood regally beside him in her dress of Mackenzie plaid. She held Belle in her arms, while three-year-old Jamie perched on Ian’s lap. The camera caught Ian looking, not at the lens, but up at his wife, his face soft with happiness. Beth was looking back down at him, his fingers on her hand. A beautiful portrait.

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