The Many Sins of Lord Cameron - Jennifer Ashley After being immensely disappointed with Mac and Isabella's story, I wasn't sure what to expect from The Many Sins of Lord Cameron. It could easily be as epic as Ian's book or as predictable as Isabella's.

After finishing the story, I think it falls somewhere in between the two, meaning it's a great step up from Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage but still not as amazing as The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie was. In fact, nearly everything about Cameron's book falls somewhere in the middle of the first two.

Cameron Mackenzie is neither as cool and calm as Ian nor as hot-headed as Mac. He's better at dealing with emotions than Ian, but still less passionate than Mac. And then there's that broken, lonely air about him that's all his and the main reason I fell in love with him initially. Especially after finding out about what Elizabeth used to do to him. I can't believe her! SHE's the one who should have been locked away in an asylum, not Ian. That woman was raving mad! She deserved a way more tortuous death than the one she got.

Similarly, Ainsley is neither as gentle as Beth nor as wilful and reckless as Isabella. She's a fantastic heroine and absolutely perfect for Cam, but not really that memorable as a character.

Watching Ainsley and Cam rediscover love was a beautiful, heartwarming experience. I also enjoyed seeing the previous two couples interacting with each other, especially Beth and Ian. Ian has come a long way from the man he was at the beginning of The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie and I like how Ashley's tastefully keeping us updated on his, and Mac's, life.

Now, onto the last and most delicious Mackenzie brother!

3.75/5 stars

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