About That Night - Julie James Julie James makes me want to throw my psychology degree out the window and try out for law school instead. If all this sass and bad-assery is what they teach in law, sign me up!

After having read all of JJ's published novels so far, there are several things I've come to expect from her:

1. Confident, bold, and yummy heroes whose jobs or pasts involve the law in some way.
2. Sarcastic, spirited, and driven heroines who're usually attorneys.
3. Great sexual chemistry between the H&h which never leads to an anticlimactic resolution.
4. A fabulous cast of supporting characters who add more life to the novel than anything else.
5. No drawn-out, prolonged drama whatsoever. These stories are fast-paced, realistic, natural, and long enough to be neither tedious nor abrupt, but just right.

James delivers on all five accounts again, and then some. About That Night has everything I've come to expect from her romances, which basically comes down to me smiling throughout the entire novel. Seriously, my cheeks hurt from all the grinning.

After being humiliated on and dumped through Twitter, computer-whiz Kyle shuts down the site for two days. As expected, he gets caught and sent to prison, thereafter becoming globally infamous as the Twitter Terrorist. After four months in jail, his sister, Jordan, works out a deal with the FBI to reduce his sentence to time served.

Ambitious Rylann comes to Chicago as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and her first case involves Kyle. To say sparks fly when the two meet again after their brief meeting nine years ago would be a huge understatement. The dynamic relationship between Kyle and Rylann starts as soon as they set eyes on each other and it only gets progressively hotter and steamier.

As an added bonus, there are plenty of scenes with Jack, Cameron, Jordan, and Nick that clearly show how their respective relationships have developed during the intermissions. I hope we can get to see at least one of their weddings in the upcoming books. I'd love reading the details of that! Especially since none of the books in this series have an epilogue.

There's not a thing about the story I would change, but being the cover-obsessed freak I am, I can't help but wish that Rylann had been wearing a hot dress on the cover instead of the suit; the red one she wore in the book would have been rather fitting. Other than that, About That Night is the perfect sequel to A Lot Like Love, and I can't wait to see which couple will be introduced next. If I were to hazard a guess, my top choice would be Rae and Sam. There's definitely a story there, and I can't wait to read it.



Some of my favorite quotes:
#1: Kyle gazed down at her. “I lied when I said I followed you to the bar because you’re hot.” He touched her cheek. “I saw you laughing with your friends, and your smile sucked me right in.”

#2: "There are some things a girl never forgets, Ry. And one of those is a kiss from the right guy."

#3: Much to his surprise, she actually blushed.
Well, well. Apparently the unflappable Prosecutrix Pierce could be…flapped after all.

#4: And even if she didn’t say a single word more, Kyle knew he would never again doubt the way Rylann felt about him.
She was wearing his flannel shirt.
“You kept it,” he said softly. “All this time.”
She nodded. “For nine years, I’ve held on to this darn shirt, literally dragging it across the country and back.”
Kyle touched her cheek, gently brushing away a tear with his thumb. “Why?”
She paused hesitantly, and then with a tender smile, finally put it all on the line, too. “I guess I always hoped you’d come back for it someday.”

4.5/5 stars

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