The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Mild spoilers ahead!

Since a picture's worth a thousand words and all that, allow me to sum up everything that happens in The Iron Daughter.

Girl meets Boy.

Girl becomes obsessed with Boy.

Boy treats Girl like crap and tells her to leave him alone, after insulting her in front of everyone.

Girl does not react like this, as any self-respecting female would have.

Or even this, which would have sufficed.

Girl decides to weep instead.

Friend falls for Girl.

Girl pines after Boy anyway.

Boy tells Girl they can't be together.

Girl runs to Friend for comfort.

Boy gets jealous.

In the middle of an apocalyptic crisis, Boy declares his undying love for Girl, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Boy and Girl live happily ever after.

I elope with Friend.

The end.

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