Alpha Instinct - Katie Reus Alpha Instinct has all the elements that make up a typical urban fantasy novel:

1. An Alpha hero and an alpha heroine as main characters (which basically means that both are strong-willed, stubborn creatures, with the only difference in their rank being that the heroine decides the course of action and the hero executes it).
2. The main couple have been together in the past, but one of them broke it off due to unspecified reasons. Of course, ten years down the lane, their paths cross and they're still as passionately in love as they were a decade back.
3. If the UF novel in question is on Shifters, there's an 85% chance that the plot will revolve around random killings of said creatures, perpetrated by none other than the evil villain that wants to marry the alpha heroine.
4. A Claiming, Mating, or Imprinting, of some sort between the H&h near the beginning of the book that removes all doubts about their compatibility because nature works in mysterious yet wise ways.
5. Either of the protagonists having a near-death experience towards the end which results in both of them getting over all their issues and concerns and living HEA.

That said, Alpha Instinct is still an immensely entertaining and fun read for hardcore paranormal fans. But if, like me, you're beginning to tire of reading the same story with a few alterations over and over every time you pick up a new UF series to read, I doubt you'll enjoy this.

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