Shadow Heir (Dark Swan 4) - Richelle Mead Eugenie's aggravating adventures finally come to an end in Shadow Heir. While I have yet to regain my former love for Richelle Mead's adult series, I didn't completely loathe this ending either.

Eugenie is just as irritating, immature, selfish, and blind as she's always been. I couldn't believe her internal dialogue at times. She continuously gives Dorian a hard time for something he tried and succeeded in making up for, but she's completely willing to give Kiyo another chance as soon as he even hints at an apology.

Speaking of, Kiyo is my most-hated male character ever. Take every single characteristic most women despise in men, gift wrap it in shiny paper, and you have Kiyo. Tragically enough, he didn't get that painful death I prayed so hard for. In fact, there's almost no conclusion as far as Kiyo is concerned. After keeping him as a main character for the previous 3 books, he mostly fades into the background in this one. Extremely disappointing (that he didn't die, not his absence).

And Dorian...ah, Dorian. I do so love you. Even though you and I obviously don't know the same Eugenie, I still adore you. Especially when you say:
What wouldn't I do for you?

Which reminds me: did anyone else feel cheated on Dorian's behalf? The poor man had to suffer so much, and he barely gets 5 pages of his HEA?! Where's the justice in the world??? Likewise, the pacing in Shadow Heir is completely wacked. The first half is so slow and dull that it put me to sleep several times, and the second half is so fast-paced that it feels annoyingly rash and abrupt. Despite that, the ending was pretty good. By which, I'm not referring to the very last few pages, but a little bit before that. I'm glad Mead finally gave us the hero we've wanted, notwithstanding the long road it took to get there. And yay for Dorian being the father! I totally squealed like the fangirl I am when that was revealed!

The actual ending ending is extremely sudden and hurried. The lack of a proper epilogue is sorely felt and, like I said after reading Succubus Revealed, I don't care if Mead plans on revisiting the story and creating a spin-off. She should at least try and finish up the current series. Her brusque style when it comes to endings is absolutely galling.

So good-bye, Eugenie. I can't say you'll be missed, but it hasn't all been bad.

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