My One and Only - Kristan Higgins My list of authors to stalk follow keeps growing every time I read a new contemporary novel, it seems. My One and Only is the first book of Kristan Higgin's I've read, and I can't wait to read the rest of them.

My One and Only begins with divorce attorney, Harper, trying and failing to convince her boyfriend of more than 2 years to finally marry her, as she'll be turning 34 soon and wants a stable family life. While she's popping the question, her sister calls to tell her that she's getting married for the third time to none other than Harper's ex-husband, Nick's, half-brother. Naturally, Nick and Harper have a lot of unfinished business and their close proximity at the wedding only results in what we all knew would happen all along - a second chance for the two which eventually results in a HEA ending.

Rather predictable, right? Not. Even though the basic plot skeleton is evident from the get-go, there are still several minor plot twists and details that managed to surprise and intrigue me. My One and Only completely falls under the category of the type of book you swear you'll only read for a few minutes before bed, and before you know it, you're exclaiming out loud how perfect the ending was.

Harper is extremely easy to relate to, even though her denials did get a tad annoying at parts. Nonetheless, Higgin's writing flows so smoothly that you can't help but become absolutely engrossed in the story, no matter how badly the characters are messing up.

Nick...oh, dear, sweet Nick. There are alpha males and then there are the boy-next-door types. I'm a complete sucker for both, and dare I say it, even more so for the latter. Nick fell in love with Harper at first sight, and while that usually irritates me, he's so devoted to her that I actually believed in it, at least for the duration of this book.

Higgin's does a perfect job of alternating between the past and present, letting us know little by little how Harper and Nick initially fell in love, how things went wrong, and how they eventually get better. I highly recommend this book to all readers who enjoy something light and fun every once in a while. And because this is the first CR I stayed up all night to read, My One and Only will always hold a special place in my heart.

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