Ember (Darkest London, #0.5) - Kristen Callihan As far as novellas go, Ember is one of the better ones out there. But despite it being the prequel to Firelight, I wouldn't recommend reading it in that specific order, becase frankly, Ember isn't nearly as captivating. Most especially if you're meeting Miranda and Archer for the first time. If I'd read this before Firelight, I might have never gotten around to the latter because Miranda comes across as meek and impressionable and Archer as slightly insane and obsessed in this one.

Nonetheless, Ember is a great read for getting to know Miranda and Archer better if you loved them in Firelight. The background information on these two is very interesting because most of it wasn't really explained that well once they become a married couple.

If possible, Ember should be read somewhere in the middle of Firelight, when you've fallen firmly in love with the story and characters and would appreciate getting to know Miranda and Archer's behavior and past better.

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