The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting MILD SPOILERS AHEAD!

As with most books, The Body Finder can be divided into two halves; in this case, the half when Jay and Violet are "just friends" and the half after they become a couple.

First Half:

I loved this part of the book. I adored Jay, loved the relationship between him and Violet, was even intrigued about the mysterious killings. The third person narration took some getting used to though and was mildly irritating at parts. It wasn't entirely unnecessary, but the book would have been a hundred times better with first person narration instead. It would have made the characters and their story more alive, IMHO.

In the beginning, he only thing that bothered me was how completely dense and thick Jay and Violet were about their feelings for each other. These two are supposed to be the bestest of friends, the kind that know you better than you know yourself, etc. etc., but they don't know enough about each other's feelings and actions to realize their love is mutual? Seriously?


Which means that either a) they don't know each other as well as the author is trying to portray, or b) their "love" really isn't as deep as they keep telling each other it is. Either way, their relationship as a couple wasn't off to the greatest start to begin with.

Second Half:

So, miracle of miracles, Violet and Jay discover that they feel the same way about each other! Oh, the surprise! The shock!


Cue a lot of kissing and absolutely nothing else. This goes on for at least 10 chapters, where Violet becomes one of "those" heroines, the ones who only think about being with the hero, kissing him, seeing him, being seen with him, hanging out with him, being seen hanging out with him, you get the idea.

Eventually, we get back to the plot. There were several parts where I got goosebumps and would jump at the slightest movement, I'm not gonna lie. Unfortunately, that was all the villain's achievement, whereas our hero and heroine were still in their honeymoon phase.

I liked the chemistry between Jay and Violet so much at the beginning, I nearly squealed when they got together. I thought this would mean even more swoon-worthy and fangirling moments for me. I can be such an optimistic idiot sometimes.

Rather than their compatibility growing as a couple, Jay and Violet lost what little of the spark they had as "just friends" instead. Violet went from being a badass to the type of girl who can't even defend herself against her boyfriend's harem. And Jay transformed into the ultimate robotic boyfriend. He spent all his time with Violet, brought her gifts, ignored everyone else, stood up for her against his own fan club, and even bought a car so he could take her to Homecoming. How perfectly sweet of him. Key word being "perfect". He did every single thing that came to be expected from him, and hence, nothing he did ever surprised or impressed me. Boring much?


Some people can write long and endless negative reviews, but that's normally not my style. If I truly loathe a book, it's rare that I'll care about it enough to give it a proper review. But the fact that I went ahead and did that for The Body Finder alone is proof enough that I did like the book, and will probably continue with the series. It was bad, but not unbearable. It was certainly interesting enough that I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next.

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