Cinder - Marissa Meyer Cinder begins with a cyborg mechanic sitting around in her shop as usual, when suddenly, His Royal Highness Prince Kai walks in with his mysteriously broken android, which he wants Cinder to fix. A lot of mumbling and blushing on Cinder's part ensues and the prince leaves thoroughly enchanted with her speaking abilities charming personality.

Unfortunately, that none-too-impressive beginning only leads to more of the same, starting with the dull narration. There's something entirely passive about it that seems as if the reader is being told the story, rather than being allowed to live it.

Throughout this book, I constantly felt that everything should have been more. All the makings of an epic book are there, but they're not taken advantage of. Cinder can be tough when the situation calls for it, but she's annoyingly meek when facing her stepmother. She can be loyal, but she's also incredibly naive at times. Likewise, Kai is certainly regal enough, but he has a certain "untouchable" air about him that just didn't do it for me. He has the basic personality of a great hero, but has yet to reach that stage.

Similarly, the plot is original and unique, but some of the main plot twists can be easily seen from at least 10 chapters away. There were some minor twists that managed to surprise me, but not enough to overshadow the effect of the ones I clearly foresaw.

All that being said, Cinder is still a pretty good book overall. It presents a fascinating retelling of Cinderella and sets the stage for what is hopefully going to lead to a great sequel. All my misgivings about this book will most likely be modified for the better in the next one. One can hope, at least.

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