Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie Kinsella Rating Breakdown:
Enjoyment - 5 stars
Story - 3 stars
Emma - 3.5 stars
Jack - 2 stars
Side characters - 5 stars
Ending - 2.5 stars

The average is 3.5 stars, but since enjoyment is my number one reason for reading in the first place, I'll round it up to 4 stars.

This book is, hands-down, the funniest book I've ever read. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes and cramps in my tummy throughout. This book should come with a warning label, something like, Can You Keep a Secret?... AKA The Sole Cause of Death by Laughter World-Wide! It's nearly impossible to hate a book after it makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

Most of this book is solid 5-star material. There's humor, romance, lesbian fantasies, drama, and good decision-making, along with some of the most outrageously hilarious characters ever to be created (yes, I mean you, Jemima). Unfortunately, the ending sorely lacks closure, and is the main reason why I didn't give this a higher rating. All my other problems mainly stem from this one issue.

The ending left me entirely unsatisfied and highly doubtful about the future of Emma and Jack, as a couple and otherwise. Basically, it didn't feel like an ending. It was rushed and anti-climactic, in addition to being slightly unrealistic. It would have been the perfect ending had this been a series, but since it's a stand-alone novel, I got the distinct impression that there were still several chapters left, and they were simply missing from the version of the book I read. Not the greatest feeling to have after finishing a book, to be sure.

Emma is a lot better at confrontations and standing up for herself than the other two heroines of Kinsella's I've read, namely Poppy from I've Got Your Number: A Novel and Lexi from Remember Me? I'm sure most female readers can relate to her in one aspect or the other. I really loved Jack too, until he betrayed Emma. I never truly accepted his excuse, nor did I entirely forgive him for it.

After everything that happened between Emma and Jack, especially the whole deal with their respective secrets, I would have really liked to see more of them as a couple, to genuinely believe they had anything lasting going on. These are two individuals from vastly different backgrounds, and let's face it: the man's a multimillionaire, and the girl's his employee. In real life, these kind of relationships hardly ever work out, and I would have liked Kinsella to prove me wrong by actually showing Emma and Jack in a stable relationship, one where they both learn to talk their problems out instead of jumping to conclusions. We never really get to know Jack as someone besides "Jack Harper, the man who founded the Panther Corporation", and the trust between Emma and him seems too delicate and fragile for anything but a temporary affair.

I guess I was simply expecting more from this book, and while it was one of the best light reads I've read in a while, that annoying feeling I got, the one where I really don't feel the ending did justice to the story, sort of ruined it for me.

That aside, this is truly a fantastic book, one of the rare ones I'll certainly be re-reading in the years to come.

THANK YOU to everyone who urged me to read this book ASAP! I am forever indebted to you. ♥♥♥

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