One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost I began One Grave at a Time with this expression: imageand ended with this one:

The main reasons why I adore the Night Huntress novels:

1. Bones.
2. Cat.
3. The romance between the two.
4. Amusing and awesome side characters (Vlad!).
5. Lots of awww-worthy scenes.
6. An utterly engaging plot.

Of those six reasons, only one of them is found in One Grave at a Time in abundance, and that is Cat. There is not nearly enough Bones, none of Vlad, almost no cute and heart-stopping fights/playful bantering between Cat and Bones, and a terribly boring plot.

Yes, I love the way Cat and Bones's relationship has matured. No, I do not like the fact that it is apparent only in a few select scenes throughout the entire book while the rest of the book is dedicated to Fabian and his ghostly friend's problem.

A wave of pleasure brushed against my subconscious, drifting out from the shields Bones had erected around himself as soon as our helicopter landed. He liked that I’d added the last name he’d been born with to my own. That was all the officiating I needed to decide that I’d be Catherine Crawfield Russell from this day forth.

And who the hell led me to believe that there was lots of Ian in this book? Yes, Ian was in a lot of scenes, but he was never the center of attention in said scenes. He appeared, imparted some witty comment, and disappeared. I don't think he even said more than 10 sentences in the entire book.

And I ask once more, where has VLAD disappeared off to?!!! If this is Frost's way of making us anticipate Once Burned even more, it's working.

A lot of people disliked the previous book, but I loved it because there was plenty of the main attraction this series holds for me in it: the characters. That is definitely not the case in OGT. This book had a lot of action, but none of it stands out against any of the other UF/PNR novels out there. OGT reminded me of Sookie Stackhouse and most of the novels in that series, with a lot of mystery and action but not enough story. While that doesn't bother me in SS, it does bother me when it happens in NH because I simply don't read NH for the action or plot. I read it for Bones, Cat, and their relationship with each other and their friends.

The plot itself isn't really that bad. The chasing-the-criminal routine is way more dragged out than needed, but my main problem is still the fact that this is not what I look for or expect or want when I read an NH novel. I expect myself to be wowed and wooed, not bored and disappointed. This book is extremely short, and I'm not referring to the page count.

I really hope the next book is dynamic and epic and extraordinary, or I might just lose interest in this series altogether.

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