Blood Bound (An Unbound Novel) - Rachel Vincent
Cedo nulli. I yield to no one.

For the past few months, I've been feeling rather down because of my apathy regarding nearly all of the books I've read recently. I simply couldn't bring myself to care for or feel the characters.

At first, I blamed myself and tried extremely hard to lose myself in a book. When that didn't work, I blamed the books for being redundant and alternately read a CR, HR, PNR, and UF novel in hopes of the genre being the problem. When even that failed, I seriously considered giving up this obsession of drinking in books like water and taking up another hobby. Thankfully, I still had a few highly anticipated releases to get through before my heart would accept moving on. Most of those releases left me with this expression:


But I am so so glad I didn't give myself a break from books before reading Blood Bound, because then I might never have gotten around to it which would have been tragic, since this book is what has made me fall in love with reading again. image

Liv is a freelance Tracker, specializing in tracking down people through their blood. She can tell the age, background, powers, and location of a person based on his blood and that's why she's hired by extremely dirty blackmailers powerful men to hunt down and sometimes execute people.

Cam is her ex, who she broke up with at a party, in front of everyone, right before he planned on proposing to her, without a single reason or explanation. He's still in love with her after all these years and, through some careful maneuvering, manages to convince Liv to work with him on solving a case involving a mutual friend, all the while hoping that he'll finally convince Liv to tell him why she left all those years ago.

The entire book spans just two days, and that's part of what makes Blood Bound so captivating. Vincent does an excellent job of moving the plot and romance alongside each other, without slowing down either. The mystery in this book was actually interesting, as opposed to simply boring. I even loved reading about the criminal and all the details pertaining to his crime. I admit I saw more than half the plot twists coming way before they happened, but that didn't bother me too much. It only increased my joy even more, because it meant that I was actually becoming involved with the story and characters. How exciting!

The depth of love between Cam and Liv is breathtaking. I love Cam's devotion to her and Liv's loyalty to him. Their relationship is wonderfully well developed. I loved seeing Cam breaking down Liv's walls, piece by piece. If this book is any indication, these two are sure to become one of my most favorite couples ever.
"I’d rather die with you than live with someone else.”

I loved Liv from the very first page. She's an amazing, badass, fierce, loyal, honest, and lovable heroine. It is extremely easy to relate to her despite the vast difference between her situation and an average reader's.

Cam is a lot like Marc, but I never felt as if Vincent was trying to give us a copy of the latter just to make this book more likeable, or whatever the running theme seems to be these days. Cam is an amazing character in his own right, and I absolutely love him.

And when the shit with Cam went down, my heart was literally pounding. I think the last time it did that while reading a book was back when I read Shadowfever. In other words, it's been a really long time, and I'm so glad that Vincent still has the ability to make me feel like this.

I adore this book and I adored reading it even more, which, as I've learned recently, are two different things. I didn't particularly like the ending, but hopefully it won't lead to a sequel that ruins even the first book.