Succubus Revealed - Richelle Mead
“Please don’t get sentimental,” said Jerome. “It’s nauseating.”

Since the very first book, I've had a love-hate relationship with this series. The last book in Georgina's story, Succubus Revealed, is no exception.

First of all, the length of SR is ridiculously short. The first half of the story feels more like filler than anything else, and I'm sure if Mead had truly tried, she could have easily fit this book into the previous one or given us more details on what happens to the rest of the cast in SR. Everything works out brilliantly for Georgina and Seth, but everyone else simply seems to vanish when it comes to these two and their HEA.

Roman has to face so many problems and consequences because of Georgina and Seth, but when he disappeared, no one bothered to look into it. What. The. Fuck? I don't care if there's supposed to be a spin-off or whatever (which I'm not even sure about) featuring him, but it is simply not right to leave so many loose threads hanging after ending a series. The world Mead has so wonderfully created goes beyond just Georgina and her issues; why give us so many characters if you can't be bothered to complete their story??

The ultimate climax to the situation with Seth was so predictable. Like most readers, I foresaw the ending from at least 4 books away. And while it was still brought about in a unique and captivating way, I was disappointed while reading through it. I've never been a fan of the whole reincarnation deal, and I've never truly grasped the concept either, because I've almost always felt that it's an excuse authors use and reuse when they have no other possible solution to explain a character's past or predict his future. That opinion hasn't changed much, even after all the reasons given to explain Seth's contract.

And now, my main problem with this series, and this book: Georgina and Seth. Georgina is my least favorite of Mead's heroines, and I've had the strongest love-hate relationship with her throughout this series. I hate how selfish and melodramatic she tends to be, but I generally tend to pity her and all she has to go through. All the hardships she has to face and overcome make me sympathyze with her and even love and respect her sometimes, but more often than not, she annoys me and makes me want to slap her and force her to quit her bitching.

I've never been a fan of Seth, except for maybe in the first book when he came across as boyishly cute instead of downright dull. I mostly despise his boring personality, but I love his inner strength and optimism and love for Georgina which shows the most in this book. I think the only time I truly loved him was when he got mad at Georgina for cheating on him in their past life. It showed that he actually does have a mind and can even act on his own. *gasp*

All that criticism aside, there are an almost equal amount of positive things about this series. Number one of which is, of course, Carter. He is quite possibly one of the most awesome characters Mead has ever created. I love his ambiguous nature, constant half-truths, subtle advice, and just his amazing personality in general. I'm sad that there wasn't much about him, and we don't know any more about him in Succubus Revealed than we do in Succubus Blues, but he manages to be uber-cool despite, or maybe because of, all that mystery.
“I have faith in some more than others. And you? I’ve always been one of your biggest fans."

I'm also totally in love with Carter's polar opposite, Jerome. He's a conniving, self-centered, scheming SOB, but that's why I adore him. It also helps that he's usually the one who gives Georgina a reality slap and manages to be funny while doing it. I've also always been a fan of villains, and it's been a while since I've found one worthy of my affections.
The rest of the Unholy Rollers were waiting anxiously for their leader and gave me no end of grief for not wearing my shirt.
“I forgot,” I said. “It’s no big deal. I’ll wear it for the real game.”
Peter sighed. “But it helps build team solidarity now. And that sense of bonding and closeness will make us better.”
“Actually,” said Jerome, “hitting more pins would make you better.”

Whatever else I can bitch about, even I have to admit that Mead has done an outstanding job with this series' plot. I love VA for the characters, Dark Swan for the world, and GK for the unique and intriguing plot. I might not like the characters in GK, and I certainly don't like a few of the things they have done in the past (case in point: the situation with Maddie. 'Nuff said), but the plot is superb.

I still wish there had been more to GK's ending than just Seth and Georgina's HEA, but at least this leaves lots of room for my fantasies with Roman.

On a side note, I think the endings to both Georgina and Roses' stories confirm who Eugenie from Dark Swan will end up with. It's blatantly obvious Mead has a thing for heroes with a warped sense of honor and what they consider "right" and giving them the girl in the end.

On another side note, this is my 500th rating. I was hoping it would be 5 stars, but guess not.