Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1) - Lauren DeStefano I hate writing reviews for 3-star books because they tend to sound a lot like rants which aren't entirely justifiable no matter how hard I try.

Nonetheless, Wither is a 3-star book. The setting and world are both wonderfully described, although there are many faults in the way the world is developed. The writing is also very flowery, which helps with the darkness of the book.

I liked Gabriel and his fascination with boats and Jenna with her silent pain and beauty. Them aside though, I struggled with all the characters in this deceptively "perfect" world.

The main problem I have with Wither, as with a lot of YAs, is the heroine, Rhine. Despite her beautiful name, the character is annoyingly indecisive and easily manipulated. I initially liked her for not giving in to Linden and protesting against her captors, albeit silently, but as the story progressed, Rhine became increasingly weak and I stopped feeling her.

And there's my main issue - I can't relate to her at all. It's not because of her unusual situation, because I could identify with Katniss and Rose just fine, but it's simply a lack in her character development that I couldn't get over.

My other problem is how slow the action in this book is. Most of the book just keeps going around and around in circles and I had to force myself to get through some parts.

That aside, the world DeStefano has created is rich with imagery and beautiful despite all the disgusting things that occur in it. I'll be reading the next book, if for nothing else than to find out what will become of the antidote.