Grimspace - Ann Aguirre
Are you afraid of falling, baby?

No, I’m afraid of landing.

I'm ashamed to admit it now, but the only reason I put off reading these books for so long is because of the covers. They simply never caught my attention enough for me to actually read the synopsis. Shallow, I know, but I do love a pretty cover.

Another reason is because I'm not really a huge fan of sci-fi and spaceships and talking gadgets or whatever. As for aliens...


And then...


Jax is our very selfish and traumatized heroine. She's also nearly identical to Faythe from Shifters, but without the badass factor that made Faythe a lot more likable. That aside, Jax has lots of potential for character development so I'm not going to let her attitude play too much of a role in deciding my opinion of this series just yet.

As for March...take off the "h" and you get his fictional twin, also from Shifters. For those of you haven't read that series, suffice it to say that March is an amazing, sexy, loyal, and absolutely yummy Alpha.

One problem I had with him, however, was his instant love for Jax. He barely met the woman and yet he started lusting after her, even though she's supposed to be pretty average all around, and then that lust transformed into crazy, true love barely halfway into the book? Sorry, but I simply don't buy it. They did bicker a lot throughout the book, but it seemed more like foreplay than true fighting. Character and relationship development is clearly not Aguirre's strong suit, at least in Grimspace.

Regardless, with a heroine like Jax, March is pretty much the highlight of this book. Well, both him and Dani. Could this woman be any cooler? I think not. I laughed at pretty much everything that came out of her mouth and I love her kickass, devil-may-care attitude.
As he pulls me close, I hear Dina grumble, “Shit, I’d sleep with him to get out of this weather.”

Into the silence, Doc stage-whispers, “So would I.”

I break down as March calls back, “No thanks, I’m good.”

As expected from the first book of a series, most of Grimspace is simply world-building and background information. The real action doesn't start until the last 1/5 or so. I loved it well enough that if this is any indication, the next few books should be even better when it comes to the plot. It still remains to be seen whether or not I'll come to like Jax, however.

3.5/5 stars