Lady Be Good - Susan Elizabeth Phillips
"Now, this is where I draw the line! It’s bad enough everybody in town’s going to be thinkin’ I’m sleeping with a depressed, lice-ridden, hemorrhoidal foreigner who likes to be tied up and might be pregnant, although—since she’s just about cornered the market on condoms—I don’t know how that could have happened. But I will not —you listen to me, Emma!—I absolutely will not have anybody thinkin’ a woman of mine needs a vaginal moisturizer, do you hear me?"

The good stuff:

1. The romance. It is thoroughly heart-warming and engaging and everything a great romance should be! I loved watching naive and proper Emma falling for lazy and all-American Kenny, and vice versa.
2. The humor. I love SEP's style, and the humor she infuses in the dialogue completely transforms the whole story. I pretty much laughed my way through the entire book.
3. The constant plot twists. The tiny unexpected twists that can be found in every chapter are engaging and do a wonderful job of keeping up the suspense, even if an HEA ending is a given.
4. Adorable starring characters, and lots of scenes with previous cast members. I loved reading about Ted as a grown-up, and it was really nice catching up with Francie and Dallie as well. Their romance is still as sweet and true as it was in their own book, and it's amazing seeing how well they've developed into a married couple.

The not-so-good stuff:

1. The ending. It seemed highly anti-climactic and toned down after such a great book. It didn't leave me with the best feeling in my heart, and that's where the lack of 5 stars comes from.
2. Torie and Dex. I hate Torie, and that hatred extends to Dex by association. I really couldn't feel these two and I think the book would have been much better without them.