Die for Me - Amy Plum Die for Me is another YA with a gorgeous cover that doesn't quite make up for the actual story. The book isn't really horrible, but it's not great either. It's sort of just suspended in Fantasy Realm, neither here nor there. I don't think I've ever felt this detached while reading a book. I didn't feel anything while reading DfM, except for a few seconds where I felt disgust. That's it. I would have felt more emotional reading a textbook.

Plum had a great storyline with the Revenants, zombies who live countless lives because their first death was in place of another's, but the whole concept should have been used in a more horror-inducing way. The way it is, though, the plot concentrates more on Kate and Vincent's romance than the problems and issues pertaining to the Revenants, which makes the whole deal feel more like something the author came up with on short notice to make the book seem interesting than anything else.

Kate is a much more decent heroine than most, at least until the last 50-some pages, because she doesn't mindlessly fall for Vincent at first sight. Vincent is the one who falls in love first, but even this didn't endear him to me since I really couldn't tell what he saw in Kate after living in Paris for so long, and not loving anyone since his first love ages ago. Paris already has many beautiful and artistic girls, so why did he fall for ordinary Kate? I really couldn't figure this one out, and, like in most YA these days, it made the romance in this book highly unrealistic.

Now, about the part that totally ruined this book for me:

Since Vincent wasn’t there to hold me, Jules made a more than adequate substitute.

Um, what? So if Jules were to suddenly wanna sleep with Kate, she would do it since Vincent wasn't there to take his place? What the hell? That is just about the most ridiculous, disgusting, and predictable line in this entire book, and what confirmed my 2 star rating. I was actually leaning more towards 3 stars, but that line just killed it. Congrats, Kate.

And lastly: the ending couldn't have been more predictable if the front flap had actually revealed it all.

I doubt I'll be continuing with this series.