City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare Once again, I'm going to judge a book pretty much entirely on the basis of its characters, and I hated almost every single member of the cast at least at some point in this book. Ergo, I didn't really love City of Fallen Angels as much as the previous books in the series.

I strongly felt that the characters were blowing things way out of proportion more than half the time, and not giving them their due importance the other half of the time. There were some really good, intense, and aww-worthy parts, but they were too few and far between to really make a difference in my overall impression of the book.

Mostly, I was just annoyed and irritated while reading this book. I hate the way Clary and Simon and Alec and Maryse and Jocelyn and, most of all, Jace, acted. So many things have happened throughout this series, but Jace is still being the spoiled, annoying, and self-absorbed brat he was previously with very few of his well-known charming scenes. I wanted to smack him for acting like such a jerk and then pretending like he's the one who's been wronged.

I get that the guy was under demon influence, etc., but I think that accounts more for his dreams than his behavior. He could have reacted in a number of ways to the nightmares, but he chose to sulk and worry everyone around him instead, and I've seen him do that way too many times in the previous three books. I think it's about time Jace got help 'cause it's clear he has mental issues. I have no problem with hot heroes being slightly psychotic, but the way he's acting is unbearable.

Hope the next book doesn't seem like another episode of Opera, and maybe I won't give up on this series altogether.