Nightshade: Book 1 - Andrea Cremer I loved this book. Read it in one sitting, it was so darn good!

At the very beginning, I rolled my eyes after every second sentence because Calla was being so unrealistically, hopelessly pathetic with her lust attraction for Shay, but as the story progressed, I really became captivated with Calla's world and life. Ren became a quick favorite, and I still prefer him to Shay, but I can see why Calla would be torn between the two. Calla's been living like she's supposed to, obeying every rule her "betters" set for her, and just generally being a slave, that I don't blame her for jumping at Shay the chance to finally live her life, be rebellions, and not follow others' orders. While I do hate how that made Ren receive the short end of the stick, it also made me admire Calla and her courage at times. I have my fingers crossed for a RenxCalla ending, but I won't mind ShayxCalla that much, as long as that doesn't mean that Sabine gets Ren instead. *shudders*

As for the plot, it was extremely interesting; I devoured every action scene and every bit of the narration. I could see some of the plot twists happening, but most of them came as a pleasant surprise and I can't wait to see how things resolve for Ren, Shay, and Calla.

Also, the side characters as a whole are awesome. I love Bryn, Ansel, Dax, Fey, Mason, Nev, and the rest and am really looking forward to seeing how their relationships develop and grow. July can't get here fast enough!