Paranormalcy - Kiersten White
Eyes like streams of melting snow,
cold with the things she does not know.
Heaven above and Hell beneath,
liquid flames to hide her grief.
Death, death, death with no release.
Death, death, death with no release.

After reading so many rave reviews on Paranormalcy, I finally had to see for myself what all the hype was about. And like most popular books these days, I found Paranormacly to be sorely disappointing.

The Positives:

1. The cover is so beautiful! I stared at it for several minutes every time before opening the book. Something about the model’s expression is really captivating.

2. Evelyn is such a gorgeous name! I smiled every time somebody called Evie by her full name (most of the time, it was Reth, so that might have had something to do with the smile.)

3. Lend is simply amazing! He’s probably the best “good” guy ever, and definitely the first good guy I’ve ever preferred to the bad guy.

4. The relationship between Evie and Lend is adorable. I found my heart going “awww” several times during their moments.
“I thought you could teach me a little bit. I’m not really great at figures.”
“What are you talking about? You’ve got a great figure.”
He was flirting with me! I laughed, blushing. “Dork.”

5. Vivian is such an awesome character. I wish there had been a lot more of her. At the very least, she’s better than Evie. I hope she isn’t entirely gone and there’s more of her in the next installments.

The Negatives (to be fair, I’ll only list 5 of them):

1. This book reminded me of Nightshade in a lot of ways. Evie has history with an arrogant, too-beautiful-for-his-own-good faerie, but she refuses to be with him, constantly denying the attraction between them. Lend comes into her life and provokes her into questioning her life and purpose for the first time ever. He tells her about a life beyond her own and she starts falling for him. Substitute Calla for Evie, Ren for said faerie, and Shay for Lend, and you have Nightshade. Except I enjoyed NS a lot more than Paranormalcy.

2. There are way too many descriptions on how a certain sigh sounds or a glance looks. Instead of adding to the story, I thought it took something away from it instead. Similarly, I found Evie to be overtly analytical, and not in a cute way. Like in this case:
And his hand was so warm, it felt wonderful. Not weird, creeping-up-my-arm warmth like Reth, just nice, very-normal warm. Tingly and happy-all-over warm. Over-the-moon, I’m-holding-hands-with-a-super-cute-guy-who’s-taking-me-to-the-prom warm.
The way I see it, this description is way over the top and took everything away from what would have otherwise been a very cute moment.

3. Evie cries, or is about to cry, or is thinking of crying, pretty much all the time. It got annoying after the first thirty times or so. And she seems extremely perky about normal stuff. I understand how the novelty of finally getting to see and experience normal things is exciting for her, but like most things in this book, it seemed highly overdone, to the point where it even came across as fake.

4. The ending is really anticlimactic after such great buildup. All Evie had to do was put her hand on Vivian’s chest, and that’s it? The villain’s gone? How completely boring.

5. I simply couldn’t get into this book. I didn’t feel the plot, the writing, or the characters. I couldn’t care less what happened to Evie, and if I can’t even be moved to care about the protagonist, what’s there left in the book?

Overall, Paranormalcy was a fairly good debut, but not as exciting as I’d been led to believe. It reminded me too much of some of the other YA books I’ve read recently. Still, I like the story enough to continue on to Supernaturally.