Iron Crowned - Richelle Mead This book was so worth the wait and reminded me of all the reasons why Richelle Mead is my favorite author. The book started with the usual drama at court which has increased ever since Eugenie got into war with Katrice. Things are really hot nice with Dorian, she's still mad at Kiyo, and she's getting along with Jasmine better.

But of course, the peace doesn't last. Eugenie has to get the coveted Iron Crown to stop this war in the most peaceful way possible. And the catch - she has to go with Kiyo as her bodyguard. And of course we all know what happens when the heroine goes off with the ex she hasn't truly gotten over.

There were two or three plot twists in this book that were just astonishing. I was beginning to like Kiyo towards the middle of the book, but what he did towards the end has made him pretty much irredeemable to me. He's simply abandoned Eugenie one too many times. And I know Mead has a thing for "good" heroes, but I'm sick and tired of Kiyo following Maiwenn and her orders like a poor, mindless puppy and then lecturing Eugenie and the whole situtation with the pregnancy was way out of proportion. I really liked Kiyo up till then, but after the way he acted, he should just stick to Luisa and Maiwenn ├žause I seriously don't want him anywhere near Eugenie and the kids. He's so stupid and irritating, really. I'm through with hoping that he'll become better or stop being such a suck-up. I just hope to God the kids happen to be Dorian's through some miracle; Kiyo doesn't deserve them. /End rant

I'm sad that Dorian hurt Eugenie, but not that much because I expected it all along, and, given his personality, I can see why he would have done what he did. I'm torn about whether the guy truly loves Eugenie or not, but judging form the ending of Iron Crowned, he'll be playing a bigger role in Eugenie's life as her story comes to an end, so I'm willing to find out.

And of course, I adore Eugenie. I don't think it's possible for Mead to come up with an unlikable heroine. I also really like Jasmine, I just hope she doesn't also betray Eugenie in the end.