The Iron King - Julie Kagawa I completely and thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Kagawa does an excellent job of character development and plot building, and I love the concept the story's based on - that things and people exist only as long as there's someone around to believe in them. It's been a while since I've read a YA book with faeries and princes and princesses and quests and beautiful myths, and I love how this book has the feel of an ancient fairy tale to it.

Of course I, being the harsh critic I am, did find a couple of things to be mildly annoyed about:

1. I never understood Meghan's obsession with Ethan, at the peril of all else. He's her stepbrother, her parents obviously prefer him more than her, so where does all that undying love and fierce loyalty come from? I get that it's normal to adore your baby siblings, but not to the extent where Meghan's fighting fey (Actually, "fighting" may be too strong of a word. "Facing" fits better.) and putting her best friend and newfound crush in danger. All that seems highly unlikely from a teenage girl looking to escape her boring life and family.

2. I found Meghan's immediate crush on Ash hilarious. He's smokin' hot, she's a lonely teenage girl, hardly any math to it at all. The only problem I have is that Meghan refuses to admit that it's a crush, instead claiming that she's completely in love with him, when he seriously hasn't done anything but introduce himself to gain such devoted "love". Ridiculous. That doesn't imply that I have a problem with Ash, however, because I most certainly don't. I love him, even if he's not the most original character out there.

But other than that, I adored this book! The adventure part, the forbidden romance part, the Grimalkin part, the royalty part, the weird and scary creatures part, I enjoyed every last bit of it! There were definitely some exciting twists and turns and I can't wait to indulge further into Kagawa's world of fey.