Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9) - J.R. Ward This book is one of the very few books that has actually made me cringe. I've always had a problem with JR Ward's writing style, but in the more recent books, the characters were so awesome that I could let the terrible writing slide. But in Lover Unleashed, I didn't feel a single character whatsoever. V is such a ridiculous drama queen and Jane is too stoic to be relatable. The way Payne talks is horrifying and I don't understand why every male who has no reason to stay with the Brotherhood but must do so out of love, has to be some long-lost relative of Wrath's.

JR Ward's writing has improved greatly since the first book, but the dialogue is still choppy at best and downright dreadful at worst. Ward needs to decide to either use modern or historical language. The combination of the two that she tries to do translates into one word: awkward. The characters seem a lot less real and and a lot more like puppets when they say stuff like:

“Verily, you are correct. Crying cures naught.”


"I say unto you...fuck off."

The overall impression I've always gotten from Ward's writing is that she tries too hard to make her characters and their world seem real, to emphasize the awesomeness of a character, and for God knows what other reason. People don't really talk like her characters, not when they're supposed to be ultra-serious and no-bullshit-or-nonsense-taking. I always have this feeling of detachment from the impression I get of a character and the way that character expresses himself, especially when he starts talking liiiiiiiiiiiiiike thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis or Like. This.

So why have I still stuck with these books despite all that? Simply 'cause I enjoy what Ward writes, even if how she writes sometimes makes me wanna throw the book in a blazing fire. The former has always been enough for me to get on with the next book in the series, so that says something for the story part of the book. Ward always tends to write better when she lets the story flow, rather than breaking it up into frames in order to let forth just how amazingly her characters can talk in SMS lingo in real life.