Tangled Threads - Jennifer Estep
Hope. An emotion that always kept suckering me in, time after time, despite my supposed retirement from the assassin business. Hope. The one thing that always seemed to get me into more trouble than just killing people for money ever had. Ah, hope. Sometimes, I really hated it.

Tangled Threads has all the things that make the Elemental Assassin series so amazingly enthralling, but with the essential spark that I found missing from the previous books - the plot and characters don't feel "cold" to me anymore. In the prequels, Gin got into trouble out of loyalty to her friends or even acquaintances, but in TT, she gets into trouble for herself, for her beliefs and past, and to take revenge for her family. Her motives are a lot more selfish this time, and I liked this book all the better for it. Gin seems more human and less like a cold-blooded assassin, and I think that's what was missing in the previous books - Gin's being real.

I am so happy that Owen is still a large part of Gin's life. I keep thinking that any chapter now, Donovan's gonna come back, and he'll ruin the precious relationship Gin has finally built with Owen. Thank God that hasn't actually happened yet. Owen's understanding and acceptance of Gin's past is amazing and completely believable. I'm glad Gin has someone outside of her circle of minions friends who can see her for who she really is rather than what she's had to do to survive in the past.

Despite all that, the best part of this book is definitely all the action. I'm not much for the narration and tend to skim through most of it, but I found myself literally gripping the book at the various action scenes throughout the story. There were many, many plot twists, and I occasionally found myself saying things like, "Oh, shit!" and "Oh. My. God." out loud.

After another cliffhanger ending, I can't wait for the next book! More than the showdown with Mab, I'm really looking forward to the scenes with Finn and Bria, my new favorite duo.