Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Overall: My most favorite story out of all the BDB books I've read so far, Lover Avenged was AMAZING. I was looking forward to Rehv's book, but the bullet of awesome I was shot with was totally beyond my expectations.

Characters: For the first time in BDB, I truly felt the cast. There was a lot more of Beth and Wrath in the book than I expected, but I totally see why since they were so essential to the plot. Rehv and Ehlenas' romance's epic. Ehlena's the first female I've come to love after Bella in BDB#3. Rehv's pain is so palpable and it didn't come across as dramatic and fake in anyway whatsoever. I would have thought the pair an unlikely match, but given the amazing character development, their relationship seemed extremely natural and real.
Go! he mouthed. When she shook her head, he glared at her. Why not?
She put her hand over her heart and mouthed back, Because.

Oh, and I totally adore Lassiter. He's hilarious. And yay for more Xhex. I love this girl.

Plot: Fast-paced and totally edge-of-the-seat action and drama, this book is filled with the perfect mix of fear and hope. There'd be a tragic incident but then one character or the other would get his act together, and it would all seem worth it, over and over throughout the entire book. Lots of interesting and unexpected plot twists to keep the ball rolling as well.

Writing Style: If someone had told me after BDB#1 that I would eventually come to love Ward's writing and even think of her as a favorite author, I would have called them delusional. Too bad they would have been right, 'cause that's exactly what has happened as of Lover Avenged. Some parts are still cheesy as hell, the clothes' description need to stop, but most of the book is filled with witty banter and aww-worthy scenes.

Cover: One word: swoooooooon. Seriously, one of the most gorgeous covers I've ever obsessed over seen, mmmmm.