One Dance with a Duke - Tessa Dare This book gets a 4-star rating for one thing, and one thing only: enjoyment. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and that’s exactly what my mind needed at the time – a funny, sweet, romantic, and entertaining read. And I got all that, so I’m just really happy with Tessa Dare right now.

"Is your hand all right?"
Moments passed.
"I think so."
"I'll have a look at it in the morning."
"On second thought, it may be broken."

Reading a book without criticizing it or being made painfully aware of its faults is so nice every once in a while. ♥

"There's a very generous donation in the parish's future if you make this fast. Ten minutes, at the most."

Frowning, the man fumbled open his liturgy. "There's an established rite, Your Grace. Marriage must be entered into with solemnity and consideration. I don't know that I can rush--"

"Ten minutes. One thousand guineas."

The liturgy snapped closed. "Then again, what do a few extra minutes signify to an eternal God?" He beckoned Amelia with a fluttering, papery hand. "Make haste, child. You're about to be married."