Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh I'm still wondering what happened during the transition from Angels' Blood to Archangel's Kiss. Things were going so good and then...crash.

I adored the first book, everything was simply superb, but then everyone became so corny and cliched. Raphael is now no more interesting than more than half the male leads in adult romances these days, and Elena is, quite frankly, nothing special whatsoever and I don't get the hype about her in the book. She's trying her best to be "independent" but still gives into Raphael and it doesn't seem like out of love at all, despite all the barf-worthy sweet "Oh, Supreme Archangel of New York!", "Oh, Guild Hunter!" moments. It seems like their whole relationsip is based entirely on lust, at least on Raphael's part, and I just can't work with that, when half the reason I read books is for adorable couples to fawn over. And despite the length of the book, nothing much happened at all, and the whole book felt more like an antho than the seuqel to book 1.

But still, side characters like Ilium, Jason, and Dmitri, the whole nightmare thing going on with Elena, and a few rare scenes where I remembered why I loved the previous book so much, are good enough that I don't think I've entirely dropped this series just yet.