Night Life  - Caitlin Kittredge When I first started reading this, I liked it fairly well but the thing that kept nagging at me was how similar the characters and setting were to the other books I've read recently, like Spider's Bite, Blood Song, etc. The female is a kick-ass cop, while in Spider's Bite the heroine's an assassin, and in Blood Song the heroine's a bodyguard. But all three have the same basic personality, and honestly, it was getting on my nerves. But I stuck with it because it was still interesting.

But as the story progresses, and we're given more depth into the rough life Luna's led, I genuinely sympathized with her and forgot all about other female protagonists, at least when I was in her world. Luna is strong, firm, badass, but not in anyway does she come across as narrow. She's broad-minded and open to change, admits her faults, and I really admired her character.

Enter our sexy alpha hero. I already loved him because of the fact that his name is Dmitri (I blame Richelle Mead for my permanently biased opinion on that name and anything else Russian XD), but I loved him even more when we actually get to meet him. He's everything we've already seen but still manages to stand out. How? Simply because he feels and doesn't hide his emotions behind a fake manly wall. He's already been in love, so he knows the whole deal, but still manages to fall for the heroine. I found that quite refreshing from the typical scenario where the guy's never loved and lost so he has control issues when he does fall for the heroine.

And finally, the plot: It was captivating, completely enthralling. Yes, it wasn't the most original one ever, but the characters are so amazing and the writing style so awesome that even with how critical I can be sometimes, I still found myself completely absorbed in what was going to happen with Luna, Dmitri, and the rest. The ending was shocking and the kind that made me go, "What?!", but it's all good because I know there are more books in the series, which I can't wait to read.