Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward 5 stars for a BDB book? I didn't think it possible either. But if I could give Lover Enshrined a higher rating, I would; it's just that good. I didn't like this series all that much at the beginning; the plot was interesting, the writing style was HORRIBLE, the characters were amazing, their dialogue TERRIBLE. So I was completely torn about continuing this series, but Z's story kept me interested until the third book and then I was interested because of Tohr, Fritz, and some other side characters, but not enough to actually ever say "I love BDB!" But I can safely say that now, because even though the dialogue hasn't improved all that much (it's more bearable, however), the writing style's improved to an astonishing degree. The first few books made me want to barf at the horrible and cheesy lines, but now I find myself honestly liking the exchange between the characters and their relationships with each other.

So, about the actual book: Phury is wonderful, but, at some parts, I seriously thought he was irredeemable. But Ward carved the story in an extremely real and believable, and I found myself honestly cheering for Phury's HEA. And Cormia wasn't all that special, but Phury brought out the best in her and I even found myself hating on the dude on her behalf. And while their story was sweet and romantic, what kept me captivated and awake at night was the John-Qhuinn-Blay and Rehv-Xhex part of it. I can't wait to see how everything plays out for the former trio and I love the cover to Lover Avenged even more now that we're finally given more depth to the hotness that is Rehv. And I loved Lassiter, I hope there's more of him later on. And is anyone else angry at the unfairness of Wellsie's death? Every other dead character came back to life, but her. I feel cheated, because I love TohrxWellsie even more than ZxBella.